Arya (elfakyn)

A photo of Arya, smiling and posing in front of a Def Con 2023 backdrop. She is wearing a chainmail shirt and leather headband. A lightning tattoo runs down her left arm.

Hi! I’m Arya. she/her. Some know me as elfakyn (or elf).

I’m Pagan, and I’m devoted to an unnamed Storm Goddess. She is a big part of my life. I write a lot about Her and about paganism in general.

I’m a hacker. Breaking, tinkering, rebuilding. I work in cybersecurity. My favorite color is purple.

I love creating. Photography, music, voice acting, writing, it doesn’t matter. I need to get it out or else I’ll go crazy.

This website contains a bit of everything.


You can find me as @elfakyn in most places, including Discord and GitHub. On reddit, I’m /u/sidhe_elfakyn.