Storm (Mar 2022)

I could never bring my anxieties
into a storm.
There’s something about the wind
going through my hair,
the rain
washing down my face,
the lightning
dancing in my eyes.
They make me pay attention
to the here and now.

They invite me
to open up my wings,
to let my spirit soar,
to fly
through the boundless expanse of the horizon;
to be one with the storm,
to feel her winds
as if they were mine,
to touch her rain
as if it were my own body,
to sense her lightning
as if it were my own life force;
to let them go around me, through me
myself in their shape.
I do not know where I end
and where the storm begins.

How can earthly matters
withstand such might?

A storm cannot be shackled
and thus neither can I.
Her spirit is unbounded
and thus so is mine.
No matter what they try,
they can never contain her.
A storm is always free,
and so am I.

Love (May 2022)

Oh, to love a Goddess
before you even love yourself.

You want to devote yourself to her,
be more like her.

Maybe then
you’ll also learn to love yourself.

But you are her,
for she is within you.

So really, all this time,
you’ve been loving yourself too.

Devotion (Feb 2023)

I feel the wind in my hair
and the rain on my skin.
I hear thunder
echo into my soul.
The storm is here.

What was once fear,
has turned into awe
and devotion.

Storm Goddess,
I welcome your energy
into my heart.

You are all that I wish to be:
strong and fierce,
wild and chaotic,
a warrior, a guide, a protector.

Thank you for being in my life.

You have stood by me and lent me your strength
Whenever I needed it most.

You have showed me my own inner worth
and affirmed the sacredness of my being.

You have shielded me from hurt and pain,
and helped my spirit to be free.

Whenever I was afraid, or worried, or paralyzed,
I thought of your storms, and I felt safe.

You have forever changed me.

There is now a great storm within me,
which you have helped awaken.
It is an honor
to share a part of my being
with you.

Storm Goddess,
You have my devotion,
and forever a place in my soul.

Oaths (Feb 2023)

My oaths to you
will not be binding chains
for myself and future me
to reckon with

But rather precious gifts
from myself to myself
to treasure and cherish
until my dying day.